dilluns, de març 26, 2007


The educations of the self through travel can be a journey which knows no end. As I look at history and cultures through the prism of other eyes, it feels like a search, or even an escavationt, for some connection between the oast and present. Along this road, I have been the recipient of many people's kindnesses. Tonight's musical snapshot is anaother stop on the road. You are welcome. Loreena McKennitt
Així ens convidava a gaudir d'una nit meravellosa la canadenca Loreena McKennitt la nit del 18 de març de 2007 al Barcelona Teatre Musical.
Acompanyada per Tal Bergman, Ben Grossman, Brian Hughes, Tim Landers, Caroline Lavelle, Rick Lazar, Hugh Marsh, Donald Quan i Sokratis Sinopoulos; fou una vetllada màgica, com si un conte de fades es fes realitat al nostre voltant. Com si la Fantasia es fes corpòria gràcies a la seva música.
She Moved Through The Fair
The Gates of Istanbul
The Mummers' Dance
Penelope's Song
Marco Polo
The Highwayman
Dante's Prayer
The Bonny Swans
The Mystic's Dream
Bonny Portmore
Beneath A Phrygian Sky
The Lady Of Shalott
The Old Ways
Never-Ending Road (Amhrán Duit)
Huron "Beltane" Fire Dance
Tango To Evora
«Πες μου, Ω Μούσα, γι’ αυτούς που ταξίδεψαν πέρα μακριά» (Oh, Musa, cuéntame acerca de aquéllos que viajan a lo largo y a lo ancho) Homer